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Despre Tine
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Install help (Newbie)

Postby Despre Tine » Sat Mar 01, 2008 4:00 am

Hello all,

First I'd like to start by saying that I've had no prior experience with Linux. My computer experience is limited to about 10 years of Windows, 3 years of Mac OS, and about a week of Unix-based Solaris. I've looked around the internet, and I've searched the forums here, and am still needing more help/guidance.

Sparing you all my life story: I'm interested in becoming more familiar with Linux (and have been told I'll be required to have a certain level of familiarity with Linux in the near future).

My computer at this point in time is an Intel-based iMac. It is running OS 10.5, and I would like it to continue doing so. What I need to do is partition the drive and install Mint.

From what I've read around these forums and the 'net in general is that Mint has trouble with the way the Apple disks are organized/partitioned (GPT, right?). The other rub is, as I read in a post by Husse, the Apple computers have trouble with the GRUB that comes with Mint.

From that same post (found here) downloading a "standard grub" is mentioned.

What I know:
*This could potentially be long process, due to the complications

*If I intend to use my internet connection, I need to partition the disk using Boot Camp (mostly because some hardware drivers haven't been open-sourced)

*The GRUB file/script will not run on an Apple computer

*I'll need to make printouts of all commands needed during installation, as I do not have all the requisite knowledge before-hand.

What I'd like to learn/find out:
*Based on a page in the Fedora-wiki, I could just partition the drive in Bootcamp and install Fedora regularly (the icon will say Windows, though). Will this work for Mint 4.0?

*After downloading the "standard grub" Husse mentions, what do I do with it? Is there a file on the Mint 4.0 disk image that will need to be replaced? Is it so simple as to be "delete object A, insert object B"? Does the file get downloaded, and moved to the Linux-partition of the hard drive? Does it act on its own, with no intervention on my part required (as if it were so easy :wink: )?

To sum things up: I have little to no idea what I'm doing. I've downloaded the *.iso file and would like to know where to proceed next. There are no real tutorials out there (that I've managed to find) and all queries similar to mine are about specific steps of the installation process... not very helpful.

If anyone could lend me a hand here, I'd love to start learning the ins-and-outs of Mint 4.0.

Thanks for your time,
Despre Tine

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Re: Install help (Newbie)

Postby Husse » Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:48 pm

I'll answer you when I think clearer than at the moment.
But basically Install Mint and partition > Mint is now unavailable > Use the post in the howto section (or possibly this section) about installing Mint on an Imac I think you've found and you should be ok, but you seem to have more questions
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