Request for Root password for Mint 201204 Mate/Cinnamon 32

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Request for Root password for Mint 201204 Mate/Cinnamon 32

Post by thales »

Created a live USB using Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3 (Universal-USB-Installer- – April 30, 2012)
with MATE/Cinnamon 32-bit
Creates okay,
Boots, but activities eg setting time, software updating
require a root password.

Any idea what the root password is / should be?


cheers trevor
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Re: Request for Root password for Mint 201204 Mate/Cinnamon

Post by Oscar799 »

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Re: Request for Root password for Mint 201204 Mate/Cinnamon

Post by CptMidnight »

I had the same type of problem with the 64-bit live image. Connecting to a wireless network requires a root password, as does accessing any HDD partition. The live installer silently fails, but I can force it to run through the terminal, but I still get access denied when the installer reaches the partitioning stage. It's a bloody mess, but no one else was reporting these issues on the forums here, so I concluded that I was experiencing a bizarre quirk on my end.

The XFCE version works flawlessly, however. So I just installed that, then I grabbed MATE and MintMenu from the repos, logged out, logged into a Mate session, and added the Mint Menu to the panel. Removed the default menus, moved Mint Menu to the side, and the result was about what you'd get if LMDE Mate/Cinnamon had installed properly.

Update: I was able to get the MATE/Cinnamon 64-bit version to install cleanly by running the image from a DVD instead of USB. It's my understanding that Unetbootin can properly install the image to a USB stick, but I haven't yet confirmed. It's not an ideal solution, since Unetbootin apparently doesn't handle multiple Live CD images, unlike Multisystem or YUMI.
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Re: Request for Root password for Mint 201204 Mate/Cinnamon

Post by xunilmint »

I have the same problem. Installed the live USB using the Universal installer.

When I try to change the time setting mint demands the root password.
Well I have none.
In a terminal window I write: sudo passwd root

Mint the asks for the MINT password.
None is set by defalut so I just press Enter.
I now get the message that the login is incorrect.

I then go to Menu - System - Users and Groups and set a password for user mint.

In a terminal window I again issue "sudo passwd root"

When mint prompts for a mint password I provide the password I just set.

Now I get "accepted" as user mint but immediately get the respons that
user mint is not a member of the sudoers group.

This is most annoying.
It is not just a matter of adjusting the clock. Most things setting and access require the mysterious root password.

Will someone please provide a solution. I believe there must be a moderator with better knowledge than I as a newbie have.

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