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Gmount-iso read-only mounts

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:22 am
by Temporary Saint
Having a problem with Gmount-iso under Maya Cinnamon. I specify the .iso file I want to mount, and then i specify the mount location (I've used the default /media location as well as a folder in my /home directory). When I click the mount button I get an error saying the directory is read-only. An icon for the .iso appears on my desktop, and when I open it with Movie Player, nothing appears in the app's view screen; it's as if there is n file loaded. When I open it with VLC, the DVD menu does not display, but I know it's running due to the time counter advancing. Lastly I cannot unmount the .iso without restarting the computer. Another thing, Gmount-iso appears to change the permissions of the mount location to read-only for the root account. After a reboot the permissions have changed back. Was this permissions behavior always done? The app used to work flawlessly under Isadora.


Re: Gmount-iso read-only mounts

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:09 am
by Temporary Saint
UPDATE: I get the same results with Furius ISO Mount. Get the same result from both apps when running them as root. What gives?