Problem with smxi; No Text Console after logging out of X

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Problem with smxi; No Text Console after logging out of X

Post by ashfaq »

On advice of a friend, an expert Mint user, I installed the "smxi" Script. The script got installed flawlwssly, it asked me to become 'root' I did it, on calling up "smxi" it needs to shut 'X' to proceed, likevise the options were displayed, to press 1 to close 'x; I did it, and to my surprise, the Text console which follows just failed to come! However a message displayed "Cannot wrte bites:Broken pipes"

As I was stucked with No Text prompt nor 'X' I had no option but to go for a re-start, than tried 'Synaptic' to fix broken packages, twice. Checked in terminal also "apt-get install -f" nothing broken was found, system is also updated to date. But the problem persist's, I am not able to use the smxi script so far. I hope a similar problem might have been faced by some of you as well, help me with your fix in detail please so that I am a learned user. Thanks in advance for the opinions and guidance.
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Re: No Text Console after logging out of X in Cinnamon

Post by xenopeek »

Moving it here, as this is more a question about smxi than about Cinnamon I think. As noted on the smxi website, it is meant for Debian. While it should work on Debian based distributions, it may need adjustments if not everything is completely as on Debian: I have no experience with it, perhaps others here use smxi.

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