Program to sync folders to an external usb hd

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Program to sync folders to an external usb hd

Postby mosaias » Wed Apr 16, 2008 3:15 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm new in linux world, and I'm moving from Windows. Until now, I found many alternatives in linux to certain windows applications, but I couldn't find yet a good sync-folder program in linux. :( I have many works in my hd that I have to backup often. I have an external usb hd and used, in windows, the program Synctoy to sync my hd folder with the external drive. My question is: there's any similar program in linux, with a graphical interface, where I could organize my folders to sync with the usb drive? Any suggestions will be apreciated! ^_^

Thanks in advice! :D

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Re: Program to sync folders to an external usb hd

Postby Husse » Fri Apr 18, 2008 5:17 pm

Well if you want to do it the hard way - rsync - but that's probably not for a newbie
I think "Unison" (which you find in Synaptic) may be the tool for you and as far as I understand it has a GUI
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