Several Brasero problems on Maya 32-bit

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Several Brasero problems on Maya 32-bit

Postby rockcreektech » Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:04 pm

I'm running a new install of Linux Mint 13 32-bit main edition with the MATE desktop environment on a late 2006 MacBook, and I'm having a coupe of issues with Brasero.

First, there is no "Write to disk" in the .iso file context menu. I know this is pretty minor since I can still click "open with Brasero," but I like the convenience.

Second, if I use the "open with Brasero" option in the .iso file context menu and then click "cancel" without actually burning the disk, I have to kill Brasero from the command line or reboot before I can use it again.

Third, (and this may be the fault of the slot loading drive in my MacBook) Brasero can never eject the disk at the end of a successful burn, and the eject button on the keyboard does not work either. I can however issue the "eject" command at the command line with no problem, to complete the process.

The final and most annoying problem is that after every time I burn a disk successfully, I have to kill Brasero from the command line before I can use the program again much like when I open and .iso file in Brasero from the context menu and then click "cancel."

I've never had any of these issues with Brasero with past versions of Linux Mint (been using Mint since Elyssa) or Ubuntu (been using it since Warty Warthog), although I know that's lots of other people have based on searches I've done for solutions. So I'm not sure if I should assume its a Brasero problem, a MATE problem, or a hardware compatibility problem with my crappy MacBook.

Any thoughts?

On a side note, I'd also like to congratulate Clem et al on an awesome distro that I've been using as my only OS for 4.5 years. In all that time, this is the first time I've had an issue annoying and mysterious enough that I needed to create an account and ask about it in the forums, and it may not even be a Linux Mint issue when it's all said and done :D

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I do Mint
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Re: Several Brasero problems on Maya 32-bit

Postby I do Mint » Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:15 pm

Had lots of problems with Brasero too and moved to K3b, works like a charm!
Just a tip.
Oh yes, I do Mint :)

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Re: Several Brasero problems on Maya 32-bit

Postby eanfrid » Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:24 pm

Many problems since a long time ago with Brasero => viewtopic.php?f=47&t=106394 :wink:
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