Backup tool: Update from 11 to 13

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Backup tool: Update from 11 to 13

Post by mehmet7 »

Hi all,

After running Mint 11 for a long time, I decided to get a clean installation of Mint 13 Maya. Beforehand I made a backup of my data with the backup tool and stored it successfully on an external hdd. After installing mint 13 Maya ran the backup tool and selected "root" as destination folder. Could anybody tell me at which location the backup pops up as I cant see it? I should add that I divided my partition into two parts, running Pardus on the first and Mint on the second partition (before startup Pardus bootmanager is showing up). It is not dramatic as my important data is saved at several locations as well as on Ubuntu One Cloud, I m just curious how to do it correctly.
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Backup tool: Update from 11 to 13

Post by RevLouM »

An excellent question! I have the same one...sort of.

Just built a "bigger badder hotter" machine with a MUCH larger HDD...(going from a 20GB to a 250...I guess I'm a "dedicated" Mint guy, now...).

I don't want to "lose everything", so I created an "apt-on". But...I'm really not sure if I did it right. "Root"? "User"? Hmm..

Yes, I know, I shouldn't be such a n00b about it....

***************************SOLVED*******************(for me)*********************

Deja-dup made it all work just fine! The question was based on the version jump, but it did the job flawlessly.
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