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Convert file from .pdf to .odt

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:09 am
by odo5435
I can find many applications that will convert from .odt to .pdf but I can't seem to find any that'll do the reverse. I've recently had a spate of forms to complete that only come in .pdf and my handwriting is atrocious. Many years ago I had a program (can't remember its name and prob pirate anyway) that would convert the file to .doc and it was easily finished.

Is there a Linux application that will do this?

Re: Convert file from .pdf to .odt

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:25 pm
by Fornhamfred
This seems to be what you are looking for ... s-in-a-pdf

I have tested it out and it works by annotating an existing pdf and then resaving as a pdf.

Re: Convert file from .pdf to .odt

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:31 pm
by viking777
Libreoffice is supposed to be able to edit pdf files. I can't tell you for sure because I don't use it, but it must be worth a look. In fact I use Abiword and even it can edit them and save them as .odt so you could try that instead if you don't want the Libreoffice bloatware.

Re: Convert file from .pdf to .odt

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:19 am
by odo5435
Thanks to you both for your replies and I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to this.

I looked at Xournal as was suggested in your link @Fornhamfed but it was basically just overlaying a text layer on the document and re-saving it as .pdf. When you open a .pdf file with LibreOffice (when you have pdfimport installed) it opens in LibreDraw which allows you to do the same thing so that was not what I was looking for.

I did try AbiWord @viking but that messed up the formatting of the document when I opened it and was not usable for me in this case.

I ended up resorting to overlaying text boxes in LibreDraw which gave me results but took some fiddling with alignment and such. I did discover that the document had a couple of text boxes built in. They were not obvious. I only found them by accidentally clicking on the area but LibreDraw did allow me to enter text into those boxes also. If the .pdf file is pre-formatted with interactive text boxes (and you can find them), then I'd imagine LibreDraw works fine.

I didn't find what I was looking for but I did achieve a result and that was something. Thanks for your input.

Re: Convert file from .pdf to .odt

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:18 pm
by wmeler
Not sure this will help people who come across this post in the future (like I just did), but just in case: ... intubuntu/'s aimed at Ubuntu but should work on Mint too since it's built on Ubuntu.