Setup scanner and bluetooth file sharing in LM14 Cinnamon

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Setup scanner and bluetooth file sharing in LM14 Cinnamon

Postby idark77 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:12 pm

i am using LM14 Cinnamon edition and i think that it is a very good desktop experience ( maybe the best ).
Now to setup all my hardware i used some tricks, for example if i use the standard printer setup in system configuration i can only setup my HP printer but not the scanner functionality, but if i run in the terminal:
i am able to setup very fast all functions ( Printer + Scanner ) in one shoot... So i don't understand why it is not used as default in Linux Mint... :roll:
So after this i had another issue when i tried to receive files from my Mobile (Samsung with Android) to LM14, but i was able to send files from my laptop to mobile. There is nothing inside the default Bluetooth setup program that i can configure to receive files from mobile .
So after some trial i used again terminal:
and i checked properties to receive files from mobile, and all worked again...
So if i was able to do it using this gnome-file-share-properties, why in the default setup program of bluetooth there is no a menu to do this ? I don't understand, maybe something linked with security of system etc...

Please can anyone explain this ?

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Re: Setup scanner and bluetooth file sharing in LM14 Cinnamo

Postby frankcox » Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:16 pm


I tried to use the trick of configuring the scanner in terminal but all I found was the printer which worked already. How did you set up the scanner that way?

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