Internet Explorer for Linux?

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Re: Internet Explorer for Linux?

Post by ed@Mint »

I assume you mean "run IE with wine"...
If i remember well, the latest versions of IE don't run well with wine...
I don't like wine, i think it'll always be better to run windows software under windows if they're absolutely necessary, be it a dual boot or a virtual box.
Messing with windows stuff inside linux just doesn't sound right to me.

In this case, firefox does it all... IE tab extension + bgsound extension.
And, after all, a website that uses IE specific stuff and doesn't follow the standards isn't worth visiting, is it ? :wink:
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Re: Internet Explorer for Linux?

Post by Bantam »

ed@Mint wrote:Colin,

I told you in your other post about a bgsound extension for firefox.
However, if you really want to get XP back, i think a virtualbox solution should really do the trick...
So that you don't have to mess again with backups, partitions, etc...

Install virtualbox and install XP inside of it.
If you don't know what i'm talkin about, say it and we'll help further. There are also many posts talking about that on these forums.


edit: @Zwopper : once again, there seem to be a mental connection between Belgium and Sweden :wink: :lol:

I too am in need of running XP in a virtual box, but my question is, how resource intensive is it going to be? i use Magicjack and need to run it in windows.......does virtualbox use less resources then Vmware? i do have 4GB ram but even still. just curious

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Re: Internet Explorer for Linux?

Post by Kaye »


There is nothing IE can do that Firefox can't (if you install the right extensions). IE is really the worst browser around. I would suggest that you look into Firefox a bit more before deciding that you need IE.
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Re: Internet Explorer for Linux?

Post by kei84 »

I use IE under CrossOver. Although you have to pay for the software.
I think it runs better if compared to Wine.

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Re: Internet Explorer for Linux?

Post by dequire »

Don't know if this was already listed in this thread somewhere, but it gets the job done...

Yes, it's Internet Explorer on Linux. For the truly desperate :wink:
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