Install barry blackberry desktop software via synaptic

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Install barry blackberry desktop software via synaptic

Post by kingsthane » Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:54 pm

Used synaptic to install the Barry desktop program for connecting to and using a Blackberry phone with Mint 14.1 64 bit. However when I try to open Barry, there is a message stating Opensync 0.22 is required to sync. Is there a substitute for opensync in the Mint repos which will work? Have tried a couple of files I thought might work but no joy I'm afraid. Trying to compile opensync from their site is leading to dependancy problems and I'm not finding it very user-friendly. I'd have thought installing Barry Desktop from the repos would have included the required dependancies. thx

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Re: Install barry blackberry desktop software via synaptic

Post by yadoyisnow » Thu Nov 07, 2013 7:07 pm

Hope you solved this problem by looking at the Barry installation guide:

But if you are trying to sync a new phone I have sad news. According to Chris Frey of Netdirect,

"Unfortunately, Barry does not currently support any of the new BlackBerry
devices, Z10 or newer. The underlying protocol was changed in the new

Anyone have any advice on how to get my laptop and Q5 to talk to each other? If not it seems even the simple task of installing apps outside of BlackBerry World (i.e. Opera mini) is impossible...

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