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[SOLVED] LibreOffice fails to open after Level 3 updates

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:53 pm
by jaderiver
Because I use dialup, I wait until getting to a WiFi place to do updates. Yesterday, after doing Level 3 updates, I no longer can launch LibreOffice suite. :( The following "fatal error" pops up:

"failed to updatefile:///home/(my user name)/.config/libreoffice/3/user/extensions/bundled/lastsynchronized"

There were quite a few Level 3 updates I left undone, on account of time. Is it possible LibreOffice failed to update, because I left out other updates? In other words, are updates "bundled" and reliant on each other?

Reinstalling all currently installed LibreOffice packages in the synaptic package manager did not fix. The same "fatal error" (see above) shows up when trying to launch.

The following terminal command did not work either:
mv ~/.libreoffice ~/OLD.libreoffice

Do you suggest completing all updates beginning with "lib..." or "libreoffice..." to fix this problem? ...Or, any other suggestion? :?

If all else fails, how do I reinstall or take LibreOffice Suite from my MATE 13 live DVD, circumventing a complete reinstall, which would void many updates/backports?

(On a separate note, google Chrome is now working properly after reinstallation.)

Thank you very much for any suggestions.

Re: LibreOffice fails to open after Level 3 updates

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:48 pm
by jaderiver
Well, after updating, upgrading, cleaning, autocleaning, removing, installing and almost everything else one can do with terminal command, apt-get, still could not launch LibreOffice. :( The "fatal error" (see above) still popped up during the screen splash. This, after completing the remainder of Level 3 updates. Also, used both Synaptic Package Manager and Software Manager to remove, reinstall or install all things LibreOffice. Still, no go.

Then! :idea: Duh-oh, after two hours ... just before resigning to a complete reinstall of Mint, I opened the file listed in the "fatal error" message - ///home/(my user name)/.config/libreoffice/3/user/extensions/bundled/lastsynchronized

The content of this document was simply the number 1. I changed the number to 0, then saved, and voila! :P ... LibreOffice launched. Then I changed the number to other numbers such as 3, or removed the number completely; then, I simply changed back to number 1. Each time after saving, LibreOffice continued to launch.

So... what the heck? LibreOffice launches completely now and will leave well enough alone. But, if anybody can lend insight into that file and the meaning of "1", I would like to learn more. (Zen people, please don't go that way.)