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Post by Roken »

Hey all (long time no see).

My parents are still on Mint (32 bit IIRC, no point asking them, I installed it two years ago - and count myself lucky that they are still using it). Anyway, they've hit a bit of a problem that's best solved with remote access. I figured teamviewer was the easiest way to acheive this, so talked dad through installing teamviewer 8. It installed fine, and upon launching he got teh license agreement which he duly accepted. However, now her's getting the "verification of teamviewer failed" error, and it quits.

I'm on Arch and have not encountered this problem, and the only net solutions I've found are for Windows. Any ideas how to fix this on Mint? I already had him try reinstalling wine to no avail.

Kernel Linux Tex 4.8.13-1-ARCH (64 bit) xfce , burg
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Re: Teamviewer

Post by DrHu »

Internet search: teamviewer error ... eased.html ... ion-failed
--yes mostly for windows OS, howver their solution is a reinstall of the application, that will of course refresh directories (folders) whether it is installed into a windows OSX or a Linux OS system, thereby likley fixing the problem
  • The link poster(s) idea is that some file downloaded from the internet or some update corrupted the application..
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