OO writer crashes

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OO writer crashes

Postby houndhen » Fri Jun 13, 2008 4:56 pm

Did some searching for something similar but was not successful in finding what I thought would help.

Running Mint 5 on a new core 2 duo system. Runs fine. I copied some text with a couple pictures from a web page and pasted into a new writer page. It pasted and then immediately crashed (writer closed) and gave me the notice about recovering the file. File recovery didn't work. It would just crash again. I thought that maybe the tmp folder was not large enough so I went into tools, options, path and set the tmp path to the /home/name/tmp folder that I created. I figured that my home file might have more space for the temporary file.

Alas, this didn't help anything. Has anyone else run into this problem or does anyone have an idea of something else to try?


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Re: OO writer crashes

Postby rivenought » Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:05 pm

Will Writer work properly if you open a regular document instead of that one that crashes? If so, you know you just have one corrupt file, and I would delete that bad file as fast as I could. No, I would not try to download that page again, either.

If Writer now will not function at all, then you may have an issue. Will other applications such as Calc or Presentation open up? if so, it is just Writer. If no other OpenOffice will open up, your have a major issue.

Clear your temp folder, and you may wish to either log out and log back in, or maybe even re-boot. Maybe that will help, maybe not. It only takes a minute to try and see. I hope it is just that one bad file.

Good luck, and please post back with your progress.

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