apt-get or application problem?

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apt-get or application problem?

Postby aj4cp » Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:04 am

Hi everyone.

I am using Linux Mint 4.0 Light.

I just installed SML/NJ using "sudo apt-get install smlnj". When I run the application all seems well until I try to evaluate a particular expression. The messages (see below) are not conclusive. A file seems to be missing; that makes me question the apt-get for this package. However, the sml application doesn't seem very self-confident about what has gone wrong (again, see messages below).

***My question to this forum is this: how do I determine if the problem is with the application specifically, or just with the version installed by apt-get? Is there a general procedure for that?

I suppose I could download and build from the original sources on the SML/NJ website, but dont want to go through that unless necessary...

Any help would be appreciated; if this is not the correct forum, please accept my apologies (and point me to the correct one :-).


BTW, here is the error message. It may be of interest to anyone using SML.

Error: (stable) $smlnj/smlnj-lib/smlnj-lib.cm: unable to find $SMLNJ-LIB/Util/smlnj-lib.cm (/build/buildd/smlnj-110.62/sml.boot.x86-unix/SMLNJ-LIB/Util/smlnj-lib.cm)

unexpected exception (bug?) in SML/NJ: Format [Format]
raised at: ../cm/stable/stabilize.sml:257.15-257.21

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Re: apt-get or application problem?

Postby Husse » Sun Jun 15, 2008 8:09 am

I don't know what kind of application this is but i see

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