Music Autoplay on Hover that doesn't stop

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Music Autoplay on Hover that doesn't stop

Postby deerpic » Fri Jul 26, 2013 1:01 am

I have an interesting problem. I installed Linux Mint 15 on an old desktop computer that had been solely running Windows XP. I partitioned the hard drive to run Mint side by side with XP. One of the things I love about Linux is how I can log into it and access the Windows partition and all the files. So last night, I hooked up speakers, and my XP partition had the "My Music" folder with a lot of songs in it. But a really odd thing happens when I mouseover any music files on the XP partition from Mint. The file autoplays and either (A) crashes the folder, and the song keeps playing; or (B) keeps playing the whole song, and additionally begins and continues to play every other song the mouse hovers over until they're over or I restart. I like the hover/play-sample feature in general, but not at the expense of the insanity it creates when I enter the XP "My Music" folder. Songs I have copied into the Mint Music folder or Audio folder do not result in this anomaly. They simply play until the mouse is no longer hovering above the file like it's supposed to. Are there any fixes to this? Or has anyone else experienced the same problem on their system in any capacity? :?

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Re: Music Autoplay on Hover that doesn't stop

Postby J.H.C. » Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:46 pm

I have the same or a similar problem on Linux Mint 15, but it has nothing to do with Windows files. Some unknown/unidentified (default, right out of the box) music player starts playing MP3s when the mouse pointer hovers over them, but it doesn't stop when the pointer moves away. If the file manager window hasn't disappeared completely (crashed?) then right-clicking on the file icon will stop the music. However, once the file manager window has auto-closed/crashed/whatever, there is no way to stop the music. Well, actually, the mute button works or I can turn off the speakers; but, other than that, the only solution I've found is to logout and then log back in. There are certain inconveniences associated with either of these solutions.
There is nothing on the desktop or on the taskbar to indicate what is making the noise or how to stop it. I've tried opening every kind of media software I can find installed, but no program will own up to being responsible for the unwanted music; and none of them will make it stop.
If no one has a solution for this problem, can someone please at least tell me what program is responsible for this autoplay-hover "feature" so i can uninstall it?
Thank you in advance for any consideration.

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Re: Music Autoplay on Hover that doesn't stop

Postby TheDynamicHamza21 » Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:56 pm

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