Daryna won't let me log out!

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Daryna won't let me log out!

Postby LadyH » Fri Jul 18, 2008 1:21 am

So I'm logged in to Daryna, doing my stuff, have finished and I want to log out. However, when I click on "Daryna" and select the "quit" option on the menu, nothing happens. It's like I didn't click on anything at all. I still have full functionality and stuff, but I can't log out.

This is a moderately persistent problem. Sometimes I can click on "quit" and be taken to the dialogue box first time. Other times, it's a good five minutes of clicking before the sucker will pop up, and then there's times when it won't pop up at all, and that's when I have to shut down the computer entirely.

I tried "logout" in a command window, but that didn't work. (Yes, I can initiate shutdown, but I don't want to shut down, I just want to log off."

A browse through the forums showed that at least one other person had the same problem (but no solution was posted).


1. Is there an existing hotkey combination that will bring up the quit dialogue box?

2. If there isn't, can I set up a hotkey? (My browse through the forums showed that setting up hotkeys to do stuff, like launch OpenOffice, is possible. Does this work for the logout command?

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Re: Daryna won't let me log out!

Postby eeezzzeee » Fri Jul 18, 2008 1:29 am

You can try ctrl + alt + backspace, That will restart X. I think I remember having to do that once or twice with daryna.

Here is a link to some things you can try-

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