Downgrading to Firefox 25

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Zauber Paracelsus
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Re: Downgrading to Firefox 25

Post by Zauber Paracelsus »

Well, I had assumed that I wasn't getting any replies to this thread, though that's because I forgot to subscribe to it.

Anyways, the freezing problem was narrowed down to an extension, Memory Restart, which was causing the browser to freeze whenever it checked memory usage. Since Firefox 26 had some changes made to memory-management, that is probably the reason why, though Memory Restart's developer was unable to reproduce my problem. I disabled Memory Restart, and unfortunately performance was still lower than that of 25.

In any case, since then I had briefly switched to Chromium, but its high memory usage (usually over a gigabyte) made me nervous, especially after hitting swap space a couple times. So, today I switched back (this time with Firefox 27), but still had the problems. I was able to partially alleviate the performance issues by clearing cache, and then alleviated them further by disabling hardware acceleration (sounds counter-intuitive, I know).

However, I managed to get a much larger gain in performance by compiling my own copy of Firefox. I still get the freezes when I re-enable the Memory Restart extension, but the overall level of performance is a bit better.
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Re: Downgrading to Firefox 25

Post by unprinted »

Hmm, I will try disabling the hardware acceleration.

27.01 is still not stable for me, and I am a bit pleased that someone else here using Mint is having problems. I have been brutal with plugins and the two left are AdBlock Plus and Tab Mix Plus. Both are essential and both are popular enough that if there were problem, they'd be an outcry.
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