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Installing open office

Postby jamchf » Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:18 pm

I downloaded Apache Open Office, thanks to the updates in Linux Petra 16 KDE, I don't? have to use konsole to extract and unzip the files. I got as far as opening the "Open Office4.0-debian-menus 4.0-9714 all-deb" file in gDebi. I had a few glitches, but got by them and it said it was a success. Now What? I can find that root is the controller of these files, but I cannot find a file to let me finish installing the program or even a file reference to "run" at? What's next? Thank You. I am a 2 month old newbie at Linux and am very addicted to it I just need to get through these growing pains. J

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Re: Installing open office

Postby xenopeek » Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:32 pm

Now what? I don't know, which step of the installation instructions are you now at and are you sure you've completed the earlier steps to the letter? The instructions are here: ... #linux-deb

I wouldn't muck about with the GUI as that leaves to much room for yourself to misinterpret what needs to be done. Just go to the folder where you extracted the downloaded archive, right-click the DEBS folder there and from the context menu select Actions > Open in Terminal Here. Then run the command for step 3. Next go to the desktop-integration folder and double-click the correct deb file there for your desktop to install it with GDebi. OpenOffice should now be in your menu.

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