PDF booklet with color

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robert leleu
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PDF booklet with color

Post by robert leleu »

Adobe reader 9, which I installed under Mint16 from a .deb file taken in http://get.adobe.com/fr/reader/otherversions/ doesn't print colors !
But it prints booklets.

So I print the booklet from Adobe reader to a pdf using the linux pdf printer, which keep the colors.
Then I print the resulting sheets from document viewer 1.6.1. For a A4 booklet printed on A3 sheets I had to configure 2 printer tabs:
Page formatting: page size A3 scale 100%
Page handling: Adjust to printable area, Rotate and center

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Re: PDF booklet with color

Post by jungle_boy »

Did you try Evince?


Foxit Reader?
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Re: PDF booklet with color

Post by krustybaguette »

@ Jungle_Boy As of June 2019 Both Foxit (which I've used for years to print booklets, and Adobe Reader) have eliminated booklet printing. No explanation given.
I tried installing Adobe Reader 9 & 8 but both put up roadblocks leading to their "new, improved version." I've been using the Windows version under Wine, but now the Linux version of Foxit seems OK,THAT IS, until I tried to print a booklet.

Hoser Rob
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Re: PDF booklet with color

Post by Hoser Rob »

There hasn't been a supported Linux version of Adobe Reader since Mint 17.3, which is EOL. So it doesn;t work so well any more.

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