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[SOLVED] Filezilla connects to server, but no route to host

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:06 pm
by rogue_mouser
I'm having trouble with connection to my server (shared hosting server) with Filezilla. It seems to connect fine, but won't give me a directory listing, and shows an error saying "No route to host." I have temporarily moved my .htaccess to see if that might be the problem, but it hasn't made any difference. I'm able to access the server via ssh, and the site loads in Firefox just fine. Does anyone here have any ideas on what the problem might be?

The site is a Wordpress installation, really just a placeholder at the moment.

Here is the releveant output from Filezilla:

Code: Select all

Status:	Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Response:	220 DreamHost FTP Server
Command:	USER rogue_mouser
Response:	331 Password required for rogue_mouser
Command:	PASS ********
Response:	230 User rogue_mouser logged in
Command:	SYST
Response:	215 UNIX Type: L8
Command:	FEAT
Response:	211-Features:
Response:	 MDTM
Response:	 MFMT
Response:	 TVFS
Response:	 UTF8
Response:	 MFF modify;;UNIX.mode;
Response:	 MLST modify*;perm*;size*;type*;unique*;*;UNIX.mode*;UNIX.owner*;
Response:	 LANG en-US;ko-KR.UTF-8;ko-KR;bg-BG;fr-FR;zh-TW;zh-CN;ja-JP.UTF-8;ja-JP
Response:	 REST STREAM
Response:	 SIZE
Response:	211 End
Command:	OPTS UTF8 ON
Response:	200 UTF8 set to on
Status:	Connected
Status:	Retrieving directory listing...
Command:	PWD
Response:	257 "/" is the current directory
Command:	TYPE I
Response:	200 Type set to I
Command:	PORT 97,82,197,5,25,177
Response:	200 PORT command successful
Command:	MLSD
Response:	425 Unable to build data connection: No route to host
Error:	Failed to retrieve directory listing

Re: Filezilla connects to server, but says no route to host

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 11:29 am
by txba516
Hi Rogue_Mouser,

Glancing at the Dreamhost FTP wiki page (, it looks like your user account is likely configured as a shell account (since you can SSH to the server).
If that's the case, you may want to configure Filezilla to connect using SFTP instead of just FTP. This will handle file transfers over the SSH port (TCP port 22). Since that port is already known as good, it should work without a problem.
The Dreamhost wiki also mentions setting your home directory to match your site name.
Remote Path
Path where your FTP client uploads your files. Enter the name of the folder to which you wish to upload your files. By default, DreamHost always names your website's content folder after itself. For example, path would be "/home/username/" and would be path "/home/username/".

Re: Filezilla connects to server, but says no route to host

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:18 pm
by rogue_mouser
Thanks for the response, txba516! As it turns out, you were on the right track. When I checked, tha account did have shell access enabled, but the problem was that the "Disallow FTP" had gotten checked. Thanks for your suggestion. It led me to the right solution.

As a happy side note, I discovered rsync while trying to figure this out, and I like it much better than Filezilla!