Elyssa drive mount problem

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Elyssa drive mount problem

Postby CurtBarron » Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:15 pm

I recently upgraded from Daryna to Elyssa. With Daryna, all my original Windows partitions were recognized and mounted automatically. That was one main reason I made Mint my main operating system (dual-booted with XP), along with other Linux and Mint virtues.

With Elyssa, all the partitions are recognized, and the Windows partition on my second hard drive, where Mint is also installed, is recognized and mounted automatically; but the Windows partitions on my first hard drive are not mounted automatically. I have to manually mount them. Now, one of those partitions is "refusing" to be mounted. When I try, a message pops up: "Permissions denied". How it happened, I don't know; the last thing I would want to do is mess with Linux permissions.

My original installation was the standard Gnome version, but I installed all the KDE packages I could get via MintUpdate and now usually use KDE. My problems mentioned above occurred before I did this, though, and the problem persists regardless of the window manager I use.

What changed when I went to Elyssa? And how can I resolve this? I am sorely tempted to downgrade to Daryna.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Elyssa drive mount problem

Postby Husse » Thu Oct 02, 2008 6:25 am

There is a difference between Daryna and Elyssa (Feisty/Hardy) and disks no longer are automounted
The first time you (double) click a disk to open it you are asked to authenticate that and there is an option to "remember" the decision so you no longer have to authenticate
I can't tell why one of your partitions refuses to mount but you have to compare permissions for that one and those that are mounted
Also how is it placed in the partition structure...
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