Termial and Software Manager will not download Mint 10

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Re: Termial and Software Manager will not download Mint 10

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ClutchDisc wrote:
kenise wrote:I will continue with this project, with multiple manufactures, employers and companies on board. When asked "how did you decide on the OS?" I look forward to explaining my brief experience with Mint.
Make sure you tell them that we tried to tell you that Mint 10 (the one you installed) was obsolete, and that its not a good idea to install and use an obsolete operating system. Also tell them that when we suggested installing Mint 13 or Mint 17 (both are still supported) that it seems that you had no interest and just wanted us to make obsolete Mint 10 to work like Mint 17... I'm sure they will understand our frustrations. :roll:

I'm not saying you were supposed to know that Mint 10 was obsolete, but we are here to help you get going with either Mint 13 or Mint 17.. if you decide you want help.
I think the poster should install Windows 95 and ask Microsoft why it doesn't get updated.

I don't understand why someone would complain about software they downloaded being obsolete and no longer supported when it is free and they didn't download it from linuxmint.com and they somehow think their endorsement of linuxmint would mean anything. Most of us posting here are just Linux Mint users that try to help people with problems--------we don't get paid

Re: Could MINT do a better job with new users???????

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cecar wrote:Mint 10????? Download 17 instead, Mint 10 is very old and not supported anymore.
Easy to say if you don't know the hardware specifications. There's a big possibilty that Mint 17 runs (very) slow on his system. Mint 13 would be a better advise.
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Post by kurok »

For that matter windows xp,me, 98se os 7,8,9 and so on. Just use those they should work just as well as an oudated version of mint. Then go to there forums and ask them why you can't update and explain to them some third party software downloaded it for you and since itdid you need to support it and answer all my questions as to why they don't work
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