Partial Files % in var/cache/archives Questions

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Partial Files % in var/cache/archives Questions

Post by kd7ura » Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:52 pm

ive got a question on .deb files in the var/cache/archives folder.
several of the have % in them. are these incomplete packages? and would it be wise to replace them with a full package and re run the package manager to re install?
ive hadd issues with wine for quite some time not installing programs properly and assumed the program was just not going to work in wine.
my wine 1.4 packages all 1% in name,, gecko,mono and tricks all look complete after last updating

Mute Ant
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Re: Partial Files % in var/cache/archives Questions

Post by Mute Ant » Fri Feb 13, 2015 4:20 pm

The folder /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/ is where packages being downloaded are assembled. Then they get moved up a level to /var/cache/apt/archives/ ready to be installed.

The %3a is one of many codes to avoid having file-system-codes in the file name...especially : / and \ which will throw a wobbly into almost any storage system. You sometimes see %20 in internet addresses, meaning hexadecimal 20, which is decimal character 32, which is an ASCII space.
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