What are the REAL bug's and glitches in MINT??

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What are the REAL bug's and glitches in MINT??

Postby knuckles » Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:37 pm

Why I start this topic? It is very simple, the normal bug threat is full of replay's that have nothing to do with MINT bug's, but bug's coming from the Ubuntu-Base.

For the moment I use Felicia rc1 on my Laptop and on my desktop-PC(here with the server-kernel installed because i use 8gb-ram). I have no mintbug's at all, everything works like a charm.

I'm interested how many bug's or glitches are in the part of MINT what is not a bug from the Ubuntu-Base.

So please report only bug's from:
-mint Tools
-application's that are installed from mint-packages
-changes that are made only on mint

an other think I'm not so happy from the original Post, is that people ask for correction (like my hardware xy don't work ony elyssa, is it possible to fix that on Felicia), such correction are big internal changes. For that it would be needed that Clem and his team maintain a complete own system with kernel, but for the moment they work on mint only on there spare-time and to do such a system they have not the time!! What we must respect, and accept the Ubuntu-base, with there fixes/corrections.
Sorry for my BAD English!!

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Re: What are the REAL bug's and glitches in MINT??

Postby grimdestripador » Sat Jan 10, 2009 7:24 pm

VirtualBox never installs with complete functionality. And even worse when you do install it, there is no USB support. Could there be a way to have the user agree to the full-functional version and have the download originate from virtualbox.org, with later having a dialogue asking to select users for vboxusers group.

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