OOo 2.4 on Mint/Felicia RC1

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OOo 2.4 on Mint/Felicia RC1

Postby Meteor » Sat Dec 13, 2008 11:36 pm

I have just seen the news that a full version of Felicia will be available "next week". I'm looking forward to downloading and installing her. There is always a "however" or a "but" involved...

Running OOo from RC1's Live CD, OOo Writer and Calc have a glitch on my system -- Gateway Laptop about 3-4 years old. When the mouse cursor travels along the menus icons at the top of the screen page and pauses, the description of the icon that it is resting on is just a dark black rectangle. No words are visible. Now I've used OOo for a good 3 years and know what the icons are, but it is irritating that this black rectangle is appearing. Same happens as I scroll down pages. Where Writer would tell me that I'm on Page X of X, I just get a larger black rectangle, no wording visible.

Being the Live CD, I haven't done anything to the program. OOo works fine on my current distro and on a couple of others on Live CDs that I'm looking at. Is this just a quirk on my system -- 64 bit AMD "Powerhouse" (the label beside the touchpad says) -- a quirk in the Live CD or something to do with the fact that Mint's/Ubuntu's version of OOo has been developed with dark black rectangles and (I assume) black print?

If it's Mint/Ubuntu's, will it be fixed before release? OOo is my prime program so it has to work right for me and anyone else who may use it on my system.

Suggestions, thoughts, recommendations awaited.


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Re: OOo 2.4 on Mint/Felicia RC1

Postby rivenought » Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:01 am

Have you tried changing the theme to see if that helps? For me, I know a couple of themes look good in one application, but look horrid in another. You may need to experiment in the "Appearances" section.

I have had a few quirks over the years, but they basically went away after an installation and subsequent rebooting. The Live CD is a good indication of hardware compatibility, but everything comes into place after installation and a bit of tweaking. Have fun.

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