Chromium makes gnome-keyring-daemon use 100% CPU

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Chromium makes gnome-keyring-daemon use 100% CPU

Post by jeenuv »

Shortly after Chromium starts up, gnome-keyring-daemon's CPU usage goes up to 100% and won't come down. I'd have to kill the process eventually. The negative side effect is that 'ssh-add -l' from command line reports that it can no more connect to authentication agent.

If after I killed the daemon and launch Chromium again, the daemon will be started again (I'm not sure if it's Chromium starts it again), and the cycle repeats. However, if I refuse to enter the password when the daemon asks, everything looks fine (of course, without the password, the daemon wouldn't be able to do what's it usually does).

Does anyone know what's going wrong, and how to solve/work around it?

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Re: Chromium makes gnome-keyring-daemon use 100% CPU

Post by kukamuumuka »

Disable Chromium´s background processes and hardware acceleration.
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