Linux Mint GoPro software / Video player / Codecs

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Linux Mint GoPro software / Video player / Codecs

Post by Bill121 »

Hi all,

I have taken the plunge and decided to ultimately use LinuxMint solely on my machine.

Being a huge GoPro video editor I was just wondering what software, video players and or codecs people would recommend if others have had any experience surrounding this.

I currently have openshot and kdenlive "yet to be tested"

The GoPro itself opens and is able to view files straight out the box which is brilliant. however playback using gnome player isnt occuring. "removed banshee due to security"

any information surrounding what would be required for best GoPro editing and playback results would be much appreciated.

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Re: Linux Mint GoPro software / Video player / Codecs

Post by txba516 »

Hi Bill,

Have you tried VLC? There's not much that it won't handle from a playback perspective.

Looking around the web on this, I stumbled into this page which looks very useful.

LM17.2 x64 Cinnamon
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Re: Linux Mint GoPro software / Video player / Codecs

Post by phd21 »

Hi Bill121,

There are numerous really good posts in this forum regarding this. Just search for "video", or "video editing", etc...

I love and use "Kdenlive", but there are many others. I would highly recommend installing: "ubuntu-restricted-extras", ffmpeg, mplayer2 stuff, smplayer, VLC should already be there, but there are lots of VLC plugins, h.264 & h.265 codecs,


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FYI: It would help everyone here to have more information about your system's setup: like what edition and version of Linux Mint are you using, Cinnamon, Mate, KDE (my favorite), or Xfce; version 17 or 17.1, or What?; 32-bit or 64-bit? Some more information about your hardware would be useful as well. You can get this information from top of your system menu's Welcome screen, System Information program(s), and the best is by typing in "inxi -Fxz" from a console terminal prompt, which you can then copy and paste back here. This information helps anyone here in this forum to be able to answer any questions you may have better :), thanks. You can even add this information (abbreviated) to your signature using the control panel link in the above left of this forum screen; then when you post a question or reply to one, that info will automatically be there, ex: see mine and others below their posts.
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