Is a firewall necessary in Linux?

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Is a firewall necessary in Linux?

Postby klepto » Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:00 am

I know the answer to the question but with every Linux install what should you block?
After a thorough scan with Shields Up it shows that port 25/80 are open although
when I telnet to it I get a connection refused. What are the least secure daemons on
Linux that should be blocked by default?

Thanks for the help and for Mint Linux :shock:


Re: Is a firewall necessary in Linux?

Postby redvivi » Sun Feb 01, 2009 6:34 am

You could refer to the Securing Debian Manual:

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Re: Is a firewall necessary in Linux?

Postby Fred » Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:40 am


To answer the question posed by the thread topic only, you already have a firewall. iptables is "the" firewall in Linux. It is part of the ports infrastructure. The routines most often called firewalls by x-Windows users are actually GUI configuration utilities, not firewalls. Every distro comes with a default set of iptable rule sets. You can of course change them to suit your needs either from the CLI or from one of the GUI configuration utilities.

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