Recommended development / programming tools?

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Recommended development / programming tools?

Post by fungus »

I've been programming in Windows for more than 20 years primarely using Borland Delphi (later RAD Studio), a little Visual C, Code::Blocks (using wxWidgets and GNU C / MinGW) and for web (Server side: C#, Client side: HTML, CSS, JavaScript) I've used different text editors and Visual Web Developer Express. I'm slowly switching to Linux because I do not like the way Windows is (d)evolving, so what to use?

Code::Blocks with wxWidgets works great, but it is a bulky solution since you need both wxWidgets and the actual project source to compile a project. Lazarus and FreePascal is also great and I like it a lot for closed source projects - but it seems like the majority of the open source community do not regard FPC as much as C(++). Both wxWidgets and Lazarus use GTK but it seems like Qt is the more refined option so I've been looking a little at Qt Creator, but it seems quite restrictive with licensing.

But I'd like to have some advice from ppl with more experience with Linux dev before I choose my IDE, so bring it on!? :-)
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Re: Recommended development / programming tools?

Post by JosephM »

From my experience I think most linux devs go the route of text editor and terminal over using a full blown IDE. In the Mint dev team itself there are a number of Sublime Text users. Atom text editor also seems to be growing in popularity. I tried Qt creator in the past and it seemed pretty nice for C++/Qt development. There is also Eclipse even though it always felt like a hog to me and not something I would want to use.

Not sure what you are developing but at least for desktop apps the most commonly used languages are C and Python. The two best choices for UI toolkits would probably be Qt and Gtk. Mint tools are written pretty much exclusively in Gtk. If you are going to go that route I would use it over something like wxWidgets. As far as I know wxWidgets uses gtk2 which is no longer developed and lacks proper support for modern features like HiDPI that gtk3 just supports natively. While Gtk3 itself is written in C it has the advantage of GObjectIntrospection which makes it easy to provide mappings of the C functions to other languages. Because of that is well supported by quite a few languages like C++, Python, and Vala. There are also a good number of apps written in Qt though I'm not as familiar with it. If you are going for cross platform that might affect your decision as well.
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Re: Recommended development / programming tools?

Post by deleted »

I use NetBeans for Java and C/C++ development.
I use PyCharm for Python Development.

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Re: Recommended development / programming tools?

Post by theStreak »

I use C# with the Monodevelop IDE. Incidentally, I did a lot of development in Delphi also (and Turbo Pascal before that). :D
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Re: Recommended development / programming tools?

Post by rene »

I tend to actually use vi(m) in/and a terminal but you may wish you try "Geany" if you like your IDE fairly basic yet quite functional. As to languages indeed the Pascal family is not held in high regards on Linux. (ba)sh for the command line sphere, C for both that one and the GTK sphere, C++ for the QT one, with Python the best choice for (relatively) rapid development or prototyping in most any -- certainly in Mint.

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Re: Recommended development / programming tools?

Post by killer de bug »

I agree with JosephM, most of us would use a text editor and the terminal.
Sublime and Atom are the most popular choices at the moment.

Depending on the language you want to code with, you may be interested by other text editors like Lime or Brackets. After all, it's only a question of choice. :wink:
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