Linux Mint may be too fiddly for my continued use

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Re: Linux Mint may be too fiddly for my continued use

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There are obviously valid security concerns and issues of trust, particularly with the always present X11 issues, but IMO this model is a step in the right direction. The issues are with the immature current implementation, not conceptual model.

The concept is sound but the implementation needs careful thought, collaboration and of course hosted on a FOSS developed platform (unlike the closed Canonical one proposed). The idea of a small number of centralized, FOSS snap repos maintained in a similar fashion to distro repos is the future IMO. Community review and vigilance will be be required of course, but as long as snap apps run within their own little protective sandbox bubble I see no issues. This will be key going forward.

The issue of proprietary closed software deployed using the snap package model will only be an issue if, again, they are not able to be run within a secure sandbox environment. If these closed binaries are not able to do harm then its all good. Like I said above, its all in the implementation, concept is good.

Hopefully this sort of deployment architecture could greatly expand the Linux games market too, which is a deterrent for many in ditching Windoze Malware. Games developers can package their games as snap apps and make them available to a whole swag of Linux distros.

I don't see snap packages overtaking distro repo packaging any time soon, but rather a niche supplement for those apps that are either incompatible with the current distro version, woefully out of date, or abandoned.

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