Mint 18: Persistent graphics issues

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Mint 18: Persistent graphics issues

Post by neon555 »

Hi All,

New to Mint, but not to Linux/Ubuntu/Debian.
I've had an issue with my laptop for as long as I can remember, in as much as if I don't get the perfect graphics driver the screen flickers, and this isn't just an annoying flicker you can ignore, it is the entire screen flickers so severely and so fast it makes the screen unreadable.
Until recently I was using Ubuntu 14.04, but decided I wanted a change of pace (and needed to fix a few system issues anyway) and so I opted for Mint 18 (Sarah) Cinnamon.
Now on Ubuntu, the driver I had to use was the nVidia V304.125, however on Mint the closest I have is the 304.131.
The issues are as follows:
- Any driver except the 304.125 causes the uncontrollable flickering of the screen
- On Mint the 304.131 drivers works perfectly, in that it doesn't flicker, but causes the Cinnamon desktop to constantly crash and generate the "running in fallback mode". Clicking yes to relaunch results in it flicking then instantly crashing again.

I was unsure whether this should be in software or hardware. I have chosen software based on the fact that I have ruled out all the hardware.
Please don't tell me it is a hardware problem, as the screen and motherboard have been changed.
On a side note, when i plug in a HDMI cable (which is also connected to a TV) into the HDMI port, the flickering stops.

System details.
Make: Samsung.
Model: NP550P7C (S02UK).
Processor: Intel Core i7 3610QM (hex core).
RAM: 16GB DDR3-1866.
Graphics chips (dual): nVidia GeForce GT 650M as well as an "unknown" intel chip.
Display: 17.3 inch, 16:9, 1600x900 pixels, glossy.

If any other details are required, or I have missed anything please let me know.
I have tried a few of the guides on google to no avail and am hoping a brain-box on the forum may be able to help, as I would really hate to have to switch back to Ubuntu so quickly.

Many thanks guys!
- John

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Re: Persistent graphics issues

Post by Janni »

Hi John,

Not sure if this helps you but I had occasionally screen flickering in my dual screen setup.
I'm on a desktop with Nvidia GTX960. This screen flickering started when I upgraded to Mint 18.

I was using Nvidia's driver, but since I upgraded this driver was from 14.04 codebase. I added again the Nvidia ppa (ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa) and updated the driver for 16.04, now screen flickering is gone :D

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Re: Mint 18: Persistent graphics issues

Post by Pjotr »

Please generate an overview of your system like this:
- Launch a terminal window (this is how to launch a terminal window);
- make the terminal window full screen, to avoid chopped lines;
- copy/paste this command into the terminal:

Code: Select all

inxi -Fxz
(if you type: the letter F is a capital letter)

Press Enter.

Copy/paste the output in your next message.
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