MINT 18 -where is vuze?

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MINT 18 -where is vuze?

Post by madevan » Sun Jul 17, 2016 7:27 am

I cannot install VUZE on mint 18 - why is this?

Hoser Rob
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Re: MINT 18 -where is vuze?

Post by Hoser Rob » Sun Jul 17, 2016 9:08 am

Well, from looking at this:

It looks like it isn't in the Ubuntu 16.04 repos yet so it isn't going be available for ubuntu 16.04 based releases like Mint 18 until there is a tested version. This sort of thing is actually pretty common with newer Linux releases.

Their site doesn't have a ppa or .deb file you can install just a tar file. This doesn't impress me and installing from tarballs isn't the best idea for beginners. The only programs I have in 1 Mint installs that aren't from the repos are ppa versions of SMplayer and VLC for HEVC playback.

Are you willing to wait for it to be in the repos? That's what I usually do unless the app does something I can't do otherwise.

Here's their manual setup guide anyway: ... ze_website

But I'm not exactly going to recommend doing that.

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Re: MINT 18 -where is vuze?

Post by karlchen » Sun Jul 17, 2016 9:09 am

Hello, Madevan.

Linux Mint 18 is based on Ubuntu 16.04. So I googled for "Ubuntu 16.04 install vuze" a bit. The hits that I came upon suggest:
+ vuze comes as part of the software package azureus
+ azureus has been relocated from the default Ubuntu software repositories into the removed software repositories
+ the removed software repositories are not enabled by default

Provided these findings are correct, then you will have to enable the removed repositories in order to get access to azureus. Installing azureus should give you vuze as well.
  1. removed Software Portal
  2. removed Apps
  3. Vuze 5.7.20 for Ubuntu 16.04
  4. Click here to learn how to install applications from removed
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