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Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:56 pm
by Georgia boy
Has anyone tried this before and if so is it any good? Supposed to take place of Skype. Looks very interesting. Will post both sites. ... kype-linux

I was in my testing side of Debian. It's listed in the repos. Stable doesn't have it. I'm using LMDE2 here and not able to find here either. But then again I probably need to check to make sure I'm using nonfree etc. Want to make sure how to go about doing that and installing if not here.
So, how would we get that installed here on LMDE? It does look very interesting. The way MS has their shit in the wind again with Win10 and Safe Harbor I'd be surprise if they weren't using Skype to illegally get the data through there also. They're a business they should know better than to violate Safe Harbor. Frigging morons.

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