Terminal fails to open

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Terminal fails to open

Post by Simon123 »

I discovered the other day that my terminal will not open either from the icon or via the menu after downloading all the updates which caused the issue with Firefox. Probably not related but just for info.

Mint 18 Cinnamon, 3.0.7, AMD FX 8320, 7.8GiB Memory, 114.7Gb Drives

Have applied the 10 suggestions, except NVIDIA driver, as per https://sites.google.com/site/easylinux ... amon-first, also running Firejail as per https://sites.google.com/site/easylinux ... ct/sandbox

All with no issue to the operation of the terminal.

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Re: Terminal fails to open

Post by Cosmo. »

Possibly an issue with your user account. To find that out create a new user account and check there. Report back.
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Re: Terminal fails to open

Post by Elizine »

Start the terminal manually, e.g. from xterm and see what the output is.

Press Alt+F2 and then enter "xterm" to get an xterm.

There, simply type "gnome-terminal" to try to start the terminal.
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Re: Terminal fails to open

Post by spaceLem »

I had this problem too, and it could be something to do with your locale.

First try Cinnamon Menu > Preferences > Languages and make sure your languages are set to use UTF-8.

Next up, see if you have a .profile that's setting the LANG variable to something.
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Re: Terminal fails to open

Post by Mephestopheles »

I tried to use my terminal for a task the other day and it did not work.
I have recently applied upgrades to the system and changed/ installed the linux Kernel to the klatest version available.
I thought perhaps reverting to the previous version would help - did so, restarted and VIOLA !
Terminal is back in all it's glory.
I was using the Latest Kernel from the upgrade / synaptic update app.
reverted to (recomended)
Maybe this will work for someone else as well.
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Re: Terminal fails to open

Post by artiom »

I think the solution could be

Code: Select all

sudo dpkg-reconfigure locale
Found here:
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