OpenOffice 2 vs 3

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OpenOffice 2 vs 3

Postby Timmi » Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:17 pm

I just read the reason to bundle OpenOffice version 2.x instead of version 3.x, was because of a lack of major innovations in the new release.

OpenOffice's menus in version 2 are quirky, and for some items (just try finding page layout for example if you're used to ANY other word processor) they are downright unintuitive and even confusing for many.

Perhaps there are no ground-breaking innovations... but the user interface has gotten much better, and is taking a step in the right direction: simplification and usability. And what about stability? Version 3 is much more stable in my experience.

Also, older versions are more liable to be dropped from getting any attention for help in the forums and any support whatsoever.
Third, we are seeing threads appear from people needing help fixing this and installing version 3. Shouldn't we be bundling 3 so it installs properly automatically, and render a service to the users, and avoid these call-for-help threads? Everyone wants the latest version! Also, pushing version 2 does nothing to encourage newcomers to keep using this software, because it degrades their experience with the product.

For these reasons, I couldn't disagree more with the choice to follow the Ubuntu community and bundle the older version 2.x.
Just because the Ubuntu community made a bad call, doesn't mean you have to do that too.
After all, isn't Linux Mint supposed to be about usability and doing some things better for the users?

PS: I've used both versions in Windows, and I would NEVER go back to version 2.x! The usability in 3 is just better - in fact, anything is a relief from version 2, and no one should have that imposed on them.

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Re: OpenOffice 2 vs 3

Postby Fred » Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:59 pm


If 3.0 runs better for you and you want it, by all means install it. :-)

Exploder has some good instructions in the below thread.


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