Sarah has broken the mold in an age old problem,

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Sarah has broken the mold in an age old problem,

Post by kb5050 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:48 am

I am not sure whar has happened but between the 17.3 Rosa Kernel and the 18 Sarah there exists major issues.
Well at least 1 issue.

17.3 does not support a lot of the latest 3rd party applications when it comes to networking.
In that if you launch an application that you got from the authors repository, they all seem to lack ability to open files or folders from Network.
Gone is the Network and you are restricted to only local folders. Something there in the Kernel or latest applications, no longer appear to offer a Network option when working with Files and Folders.

Where to place blame?.

Obviously 17 and 18 has native Networking, which mostly works, except for the years dreaded issues of Network Timeout, which can be fixed by simply changing the search order in smb.conf but yet that change has never ever been made to any of the live distros. I realize there is no perfect OS out there, but this simple change will be a major item that has not been addressed in many years.

So in this world where Linux is to compete with Windows, why oh why do we not have ability to automount any network share, to be visible to all 3rd party applications in a logical and sensible way? Use of the Terminal may appeal to geeks and gurus who can tweak out Linux in minutes, but the average non technical, noobies, who are coming into the world of computing, or only know their way around windows, will feel no reason to want to move to Linux.

Why also must very dangerous editing of fstab needed to mount even local shares on startup. All local drives should be mounted on startup, meaning hard drives not removable ones. In other words you need MORE GUI wizards that will just make all of this user friendly. Mounting and unmounting of drives needs to be more automated out of the box.

The LIVE DVD needs an option to allow you to logon to the installed Linux, not use of gksudo, but right from the Live CD to allow the user to go fix what they have broken. Perhaps to develpp a tool that looks at ALL your Installations, and is able to Fix booting problems automatically by looking at critical files like fstab and xwindows configurations, and any other items that prevent or create Kernel Panic, and can roll them all back to restore. Yes this does mimick windows ability to do the same thing.
If you can develop such a tool, as well as bare metal backup and restore into the Live DVD to save even the worst case scenario. The 2 additional choices to add to the boot menu would be Repair Linux Mint, and Backup/Restore your Linux Mint. And all of it needs both WiFi and Wired network support, as well.

But my biggest issue for now is where has all the network stuff gone in Sarah?
I spent hours upon hours trying to find ways to get even the apps avaialble in the software channel to get around this new major flaw, which I can get around in 17.3 but now the latest versions of applications are broken, so I can only run older applications in 17 and it also breaks the older applications.ability to run in 18...

It seems to come down to if it wasn't broken then why did they feel it needed to be fixed?

So I am stuck using 17 until at least the network problems get resolved.

I know much focus had to be spent bringing NEW ideas and features to the latest kernel but why did they remove what was already needed?

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Re: Sarah has broken the mold in an age old problem,

Post by altair4 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 12:18 pm

If I were a Mint forum moderator - and trust me folks you are better off that I am not - I would respond with something like:

Moved to Chat about Linux Mint: viewforum.php?f=60. OP is not requesting help.
Please add a [SOLVED] at the end of your original subject header if your question has been answered and solved.

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Re: Sarah has broken the mold in an age old problem,

Post by majpooper » Sun Oct 09, 2016 12:56 pm

The moderators on this forum are very forgiving and give the benefit of the doubt which makes this forum much friendlier, especially for noobs, than some other forums.

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