System crashes with horizontal or diagonal patterns on scree

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Fred G9
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System crashes with horizontal or diagonal patterns on scree

Postby Fred G9 » Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:19 pm

I have a HP Laptop DV-9000 series Laptop it has a AMD Turion proccesor and Nvidia Graphics with 3 gig of ram.

I'm triple booting with Ubuntu 8.10, Vista Home Premium and Linux Mint. I like Linux mint best of all but my computer will randomly lock-up and crash. When it crashes nothing responds and strange patterns appear horizontally or diagonally across the screen. The only way to recover is to hold down the power button and force it to power off and reboot. What is even stranger is this doesn't happen in Ubuntu 8.10 or Vista. If someone has any Ideas please let me know. Im hoping to get this resolved so I can primarly use Linux Mint but the Crashes have caused me to loose a lot of work and I cant continue like that.

A few notes

I'm using the wireless driver for the Atheros Wifi Card. I installed it from the Mint Website. ( net5211 in nds wrapper )

Also I had to add " noacpi" to the boot config file to keep the system from hanging on boot. ( this happens also on Ubuntu 8.10 )

Other than those two minor things Linux installed and ran without any trouble.

Please advise

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Re: System crashes with horizontal or diagonal patterns on scree

Postby Husse » Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:56 am

You have to tell us more facts.
The minimum is exactly which Mint you have - which version and which edition (main or any of the CEs)
We also need to know a bit about all your hardware.
Run " lspci " in a terminal and post here (To copy from a terminal right click)
Some wifi and possibly built in sound can be connected to USB even if they are internal - if you suspect you have one of these run " lsusb " in a terminal.
Also tell us if this is using mint4win or not, quite important
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