Java error and starnge boot up "solved"

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Java error and starnge boot up "solved"

Postby spider » Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:39 pm

Hi everybody, new here so i can tell you I don't know nothing about Linux Mint.

after I made my up date I restated the PC and it gave me an error that is too fast to see... however, i hit "ESC" and click on the 3rd option.
well, it restarted fine but i have to keep going into it... i do see memtest there too.

maybe that well clue you in.

next problem.. I went to runescape and it played fine but i got and error in my home folder...

I got this error when i was on Linux OS 2007 but i felt it was unstable because even the programs will not work and it always crash... this OS however doesn't even have that problem and it runs great.

I'm just afraid it will freeze again on runescape sometime... just like 2007 did when runscape was running fine then froze on me.

I have nvidia 6200 agp
CPU pentium 4
DDR 1 memory 4gb
Albatron motherboard.

The drivers for the nvidia card I put in recommened 177 i believe but forget.

if you guys need any info... please give me baby steps because i don't know Linux.

Thanks again!
spider :)
Screenshot-hs_err_pid5766.log (~) - gedit.png
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Re: Java error and starnge boot up

Postby el_b » Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:51 am

It's something to do with it's "virtual machine" (VM) it uses for platform portability... How did you install mint? Did you compile your own kernel or something?
That's pretty weird, it shouldn't happen... What's your hard drive?
Or maybe it's because RuneScape runs Java and you have a problem with Java.
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Re: Java error and starnge boot up

Postby spider » Fri Mar 27, 2009 3:16 pm

hi, Thanks for getting back... I decide to reinstall mint but this time I downloaded it again.. and install from the CD ... which work.

after the updates i restarted the PC and the boot screen came up with options... i click the top one and got the strange error.. it wasn't an error more for diagnostic reason i believe because i hit the 3rd option and it started fine. I think i just have to fine that somewhere on the desk top to change the boot order, maybe you know?.

as for my java error, I don't think i have a java issue because it says so... the reason i believe this is because it worked in pogo great and everywhere else, it may not like Linux for all I know... I read pogo says it excepts "Linux but it may work and it may not" so this may also be the problem with runescape.

i haven't try out runescape with this install yet... something tells me it will happen again. The only thing I don't get like PC Linux 2007 OS is the freeze and crash, that is why I switch and i like this OS better anyway.

as for my Hard drive... I have a duel boot system.... XP is on one drive which is 300gb Maxtor

Linux drive is 80gb drive Maxtor.

Linux Mint release 6 Felicia
Kernel 2.6.27-7 generic
Gnome 2.24.1

Hardware - memory 1.7
CPU Pentium 4 3gb
disk space 65.4gb

sometimes the take snap shot tell me wrong file extension....I don't know Linux so how do you save to?

Let me know what you think and thanks for getting back!


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