StarWars Screensaver error

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Banzai Beagle
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Level 3
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StarWars Screensaver error

Post by Banzai Beagle » Thu Feb 16, 2017 3:05 pm

Running Cinnamon 18.1

The "StarWars" screensaver returns the words "Error loading URL 404 Not Found"

How do I change the words on the screensaver crawler?

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Re: StarWars Screensaver error

Post by grumpy_geek » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:29 am

Screensaver Preferences > Advanced > Text Manipulation

Banzai Beagle
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Level 3
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Re: StarWars Screensaver error

Post by Banzai Beagle » Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:53 pm

Thanks. Where do I find "screensaver preferences" ?

There does not seem to be any thing like that under System Settings/Screensaver

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Re: StarWars Screensaver error

Post by eddie5903 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:46 pm


I've just noticed this problem while setting up a new system. The old system, although it now runs Linux Mint 18.1, had originally used an older version of Mint with Xscreensaver.

All you need to do is add the hidden file .xscreensaver to your Home folder.

.xsceensaver is just a text file that looks like this:

# XScreenSaver Preferences File
# Written by xscreensaver-demo 5.15 for eddie on Sun Aug 14 20:04:38 2016.

timeout: 0:05:00
cycle: 0:10:00
lock: True
lockTimeout: 0:10:00
passwdTimeout: 0:00:30
visualID: default
installColormap: True
verbose: False
timestamp: True
splash: True
splashDuration: 0:00:05
demoCommand: xscreensaver-demo
prefsCommand: xscreensaver-demo -prefs
nice: 10
memoryLimit: 0
fade: True
unfade: False
fadeSeconds: 0:00:03
fadeTicks: 20
captureStderr: True
font: *-medium-r-*-140-*-m-*
dpmsEnabled: False
dpmsQuickOff: False
dpmsStandby: 2:00:00
dpmsSuspend: 2:00:00
dpmsOff: 4:00:00
grabDesktopImages: True
grabVideoFrames: False
chooseRandomImages: True
imageDirectory: /home/eddie/Pictures/

mode: off
selected: 126

textMode: file
textLiteral: XScreenSaver
textFile: /home/eddie/Documents/starwars
textProgram: fortune

programs: \
maze -root \n\
GL: superquadrics -root \n\
attraction -root \n\
blitspin -root \n\
greynetic -root \n\
helix -root \n\
hopalong -root \n\
imsmap -root \n\
- GL: noseguy -root \n\
- pyro -root \n\.xscreensaver
qix -root \n\
- rocks -root \n\
rorschach -root \n\
decayscreen -root \n\
flame -root \n\
halo -root \n\
slidescreen -root \n\
pedal -root \n\
bouboule -root \n\
- braid -root \n\
coral -root \n\
deco -root \n\
drift -root \n\
- fadeplot -root \n\
galaxy -root \n\
goop -root \n\
grav -root \n\
ifs -root \n\
GL: jigsaw -root \n\
julia -root \n\
- kaleidescope -root \n\
GL: moebius -root \n\
moire -root \n\
GL: morph3d -root \n\
mountain -root \n\
munch -root \n\
penrose -root \n\
GL: pipes -root \n\
rd-bomb -root \n\
GL: rubik -root \n\
- sierpinski -root \n\
slip -root \n\
GL: sproingies -root \n\
starfish -root \n\
strange -root \n\
swirl -root \n\
triangle -root \n\
xjack -root \n\
xlyap -root \n\
GL: atlantis -root \n\
bsod -root -atari -bsd -sparclinux \n\
GL: bubble3d -root \n\
GL: cage -root \n\
- crystal -root \n\
cynosure -root \n\
discrete -root \n\
distort -root \n\
epicycle -root \n\
flow -root \n\
- GL: glplanet -root \n\
interference -root \n\
kumppa -root \n\
GL: lament -root \n\
moire2 -root \n\
GL: sonar -root \n\
GL: stairs -root \n\
truchet -root \n\
- vidwhacker -root \n\
blaster -root \n\
bumps -root \n\
ccurve -root \n\
compass -root \n\
deluxe -root \n\
- demon -root \n\
GL: extrusion -root \n\
- loop -root \n\
penetrate -root \n\
petri -root \n\
phosphor -root \n\
GL: pulsar -root \n\
ripples -root \n\
shadebobs -root \n\
GL: sierpinski3d -root \n\
spotlight -root \n\
squiral -root \n\
wander -root \n\
- webcollage -root \n\
xflame -root \n\
xmatrix -root \n\
GL: gflux -root \n\
- nerverot -root \n\
xrayswarm -root \n\
xspirograph -root \n\
GL: circuit -root \n\
GL: dangerball -root \n\
GL: engine -root \n\
GL: flipscreen3d -root \n\
GL: gltext -root \n\
GL: menger -root \n\
GL: molecule -root \n\
rotzoomer -root \n\
speedmine -root \n\
GL: starwars -root \n\
GL: stonerview -root \n\
vermiculate -root \n\
whirlwindwarp -root \n\
zoom -root \n\
anemone -root \n\
apollonian -root \n\
GL: boxed -root \n\
GL: cubenetic -root \n\
GL: endgame -root \n\
euler2d -root \n\
fluidballs -root \n\
GL: flurry -root \n\
- GL: glblur -root \n\
GL: glsnake -root \n\
halftone -root \n\
GL: juggler3d -root \n\
GL: lavalite -root \n\
- polyominoes -root \n\
GL: queens -root \n\
- GL: sballs -root \n\
GL: spheremonics -root \n\
- thornbird -root \n\
twang -root \n\
- GL: antspotlight -root \n\
apple2 -root -mode basic \n\
GL: atunnel -root \n\
barcode -root \n\
GL: blinkbox -root \n\
GL: blocktube -root \n\
GL: bouncingcow -root \n\
cloudlife -root \n\
GL: cubestorm -root \n\
eruption -root \n\
GL: flipflop -root \n\
GL: flyingtoasters -root \n\
fontglide -root \n\
GL: gleidescope -root \n\
GL: glknots -root \n\
GL: glmatrix -root \n\
- GL: glslideshow -root -zoom 50 -pan 30 \n\
GL: hypertorus -root \n\
- GL: jigglypuff -root \n\
metaballs -root \n\
GL: mirrorblob -root \n\
piecewise -root \n\
GL: polytopes -root \n\
pong -root \n\
popsquares -root \n\
GL: surfaces -root \n\
xanalogtv -root \n\
- abstractile -root \n\
anemotaxis -root \n\
- GL: antinspect -root \n\
fireworkx -root \n\
fuzzyflakes -root \n\
interaggregate -root \n\
intermomentary -root \n\
memscroller -root \n\
GL: noof -root \n\
pacman -root \n\
GL: pinion -root \n\
GL: polyhedra -root \n\
- GL: providence -root \n\
substrate -root \n\
wormhole -root \n\
- GL: antmaze -root \n\
GL: boing -root \n\
boxfit -root \n\
GL: carousel -root \n\
celtic -root \n\
GL: crackberg -root \n\
GL: cube21 -root \n\
fiberlamp -root \n\
GL: fliptext -root \n\
GL: glhanoi -root \n\
GL: tangram -root \n\
GL: timetunnel -root -no-logo \n\
GL: glschool -root \n\
GL: topblock -root \n\
GL: cubicgrid -root \n\
cwaves -root \n\
GL: gears -root \n\
GL: glcells -root \n\
GL: lockward -root \n\
m6502 -root \n\
GL: moebiusgears -root \n\
GL: voronoi -root \n\
GL: hypnowheel -root \n\
GL: klein -root \n\
- lcdscrub -root \n\
GL: photopile -root \n\
GL: skytentacles -root \n\
GL: rubikblocks -root \n\
GL: companioncube -root \n\
GL: hilbert -root \n\
GL: tronbit -root \n\
unicode -root \n\

pointerPollTime: 0:00:05
pointerHysteresis: 10
initialDelay: 0:00:00
procInterrupts: True
xinputExtensionDev: False
overlayStderr: True

Once you have created the .screensaver text file, create a second text file called starwars, into which you place whatever text you want, and then save it to your Documents folder.

That's it!


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