Solution to the Firefox title bar problem

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Solution to the Firefox title bar problem

Postby JohnH » Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:07 am

Hi there,

A problem found its way into the latest upgrade of Firefox where the Window title bar goes missing. This seems to only occur with those people using Compiz. A simple short term fix is pressing F11 but it does not always "stick". Here is a solution that will ensure this is not a problem each time you open Firefox.

You can fix this by going into your Compiz Settings Manager (this is found in Control Center or on the optional compiz icon - downloadable from Synaptic).

Once in the Settings Manager, click on the "Workarounds" icon in the "Utility" section of the menu. Having clicked on the Workarounds icon you will get a list of options you can choose to select or unselect by putting a check in the box. Choose "Legacy full screen support" (at the top of the list) and uncheck the box. This will fix it for you.

This is a firefox regression that has crept back into the latest version.

I hope this is useful to others.

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Re: Solution to the Firefox title bar problem

Postby Husse » Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:14 am

Thanks for that
I changed the subject line a little :)
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Re: Solution to the Firefox title bar problem

Postby kelean » Sun Apr 05, 2009 10:57 am

I had that problem before. The easiest way I have found to fix it is to use F11 a couple of times to get title bar back. Then grab a corner to resize the window to a smaller size. Then click the maximize button. Close the window and all should be back to normal. That worked for me a few times, I hope it helps.


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