[Solved] Alternatives to Firefox

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Re: [Solved] Alternatives to Firefox

Post by karlchen » Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:37 am

Minor correction. It is less the extensions which will be abandoned. Rather it is the whole browser which will be abandoned. E.g. by me. :wink:
(Not that Mozilla will care.)
Firefox has been a great browser as long as Mozilla permitted it to be a great browser. This time is coming to an end within the next 12 months. Time enough left though to pack up my bookmarks and switch ...
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Re: [Solved] Alternatives to Firefox

Post by killer de bug » Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:15 pm

Being closer to Chrome API will enable a whole new bunch of extension to be available. This may be an interesting move and I am sure more users will arrive than leave. :wink:
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Re: [Solved] Alternatives to Firefox

Post by Cosmo. » Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:35 pm

karlchen wrote:(Not that Mozilla will care.)
They do care. It is their success story. :mrgreen: A part of the Mozilla lead (not at least Chairwoman Mitchell Baker) are former Netscape employees. They have much experience how to drive the ship against the wall. They have already dropped the number of users "successfully" :roll: as well in relative and in absolute numbers; here is some maths about that. And this "success story" will continue.

Mozilla had promised in 2015, that they will find a way to keep the important extensions running. I wrote already 18 months ago, that I do not give the least trust into such promise, as they showed already in the past, that they do not keep their word. And what happens now? Aris, the developer of the Custom Theme Restorer asked 2 months ago to enhance the WebExtensions API to keep the possibility to customize the UI of FF. The ice cold and hard response of Mozilla is a "Resolved: Wontfix". Or as a participant of that discussion correctly wrote: "Mozilla want to kill the most powerful weapon Firefox has now". Custom Theme Restorer is one of the 2 most top rated extensions, both of them will die at the end of the year. So far about the promise of M. Baker some years ago, when she said, that Mozilla must more listen to the users.

Mozilla does not even blindly run the ship against the wall, they do it with open eyes. It is the consequence and the "competence" of people, who call themselves winner, if they loose at the same time dramatically market share. One must wear very heavy ideological glasses to name such losses as "winning". I call it loss of reality. The example Opera demonstrates, that the attempt to provide another Chrome-like browser leads into the depth of hardly noticeable, like an insect beside an elephant, only for a researcher of insects of some interest.

The problem has at the end a far deeper follow-up. It is not the question, to which browser user A, B, C or D will move. At now the most important Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu and Mint feature Firefox by default. What are the alternatives? Looking into the details it does not look good. At least partially closed source browser drop out. The maintenance of Chromium is unacceptable (as already discussed on other places). Browser like Midori and Epiphany did not get updates since months (as if security weaknesses would affect all, but not those browsers, ridiculous), Arora is dead, Dooble is far too primitive, Qupzilla does not more provide compiled binaries since some time and the official repos also don't do this. Text-GUI browser (like lynx) cannot be a replacement. Pale Moon would be an alternative, if the distributions would choose this browser, at now it isn't even an option there. Perhaps it is time to divide from the idea, that the official repositories are the best places for (partially not so) advanced applications.


Re: Alternatives to Firefox

Post by lmuserx4849 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:39 am

Chemical_Ali wrote:I switched to Palemoon and have not looked back. Firefox also has an addon called 'Classic Theme Restorer', which has tons of options to make Firefox look great again.
Classic Theme Restorer is one of the popular addons that will not work with Firefox 57+, which is due out this year.

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