Firefox stopped loading Camera feeds on Local LAN - SOLVED

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Firefox stopped loading Camera feeds on Local LAN - SOLVED

Post by EdQld » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:23 am

After successfully setting up a Wireless IP Camera System a couple of days ago, I loaded the IP address of the System into my Firefox Browser (on Linux Mint 17.3 PC) and I was delighted to see the login page and after adding the user name & p/w, the camera feeds all displayed on my PC, great stuff

Unfortunately, today when I tried (multiple times on 2 PC's) to again view the camera feeds on Firefox the start page refused to load and Firefox states the Site is Not Secure :(

There is a padlock symbol with a red line through it in front of the IP address, clicking on it reveals a message in red "Connection is Not Secure" and clicking on the expansion arrow produces another text box with a "More Information" link that doesn’t appear to offer any solutions under the multiple options it provides

Firefox help pages state you can proceed, even if that's not recommended, however, I haven't been able to find any way of doing so, just stays on the login page and refuses to load

I can't understand how it all worked so well a couple days ago and not now?

I'm hoping someone has come across this problem and are able to give me a fix for this problem

Found problem, somehow the last digit of the Systems IP address had changed (don't know how/why), but all good and working again :D

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