Iptraf-ng logging crashes Iptraf-ng 18.2 Mate

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Iptraf-ng logging crashes Iptraf-ng 18.2 Mate

Post by galeforce » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:15 am

I've been using Iptraf for Linux mint 17 and had no problems.
Current Iptraf does no show traffic in the top section so I removed it installed Iptraf-ng and things were fine until trying to activate the logging in configuration.
For some reason, logging seems to cause Iptraf-ng to quit, leaving the tcp and udp sections visible in the terminal but unresponsive.
Rolling the mouse wheel gives an error sound and clears a small area of the terminal which shows a partial error message and you can either restart iptraf-ng or close the terminal since it's been closed already.
It appears to be some form of Floating point issue too many somethings, at least that's the best I can see as there's no way to clear the terminal without clearing the error. Kernel log indicates little but it seems to happen with some page changes and the reload of either the cache for the browser or something from Google.
It can be avoided by turning off logging.
Mail sent to listed maintainers in the iptraf-ng files but one states mail undeliverable for main person.
This is the kernel message:
08:25:45 kernel: [ 6771.911664] traps: iptraf-ng[7398] trap divide error ip:412ea8 sp:7fff24017c10 error:0 in iptraf-ng[400000+27000]
08:21:41 kernel: [ 6634.928547] traps: iptraf-ng[7375] trap divide error ip:412ea8 sp:7ffe081cbad0 error:0 in iptraf-ng[400000+27000]
08:13:18 kernel: [ 6269.003452] traps: iptraf-ng[7319] trap divide error ip:412ea8 sp:7ffda7a8ea90 error:0 in iptraf-ng[400000+27000]
08:13:46 kernel: [ 6296.954534] traps: iptraf-ng[7350] trap divide error ip:412ea8 sp:7ffffdeb89a0 error:0 in iptraf-ng[400000+27000]
Any help would be appreciated.
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