What is the best VOB to MPEG converter?

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What is the best VOB to MPEG converter?

Post by usalabs »

During my band practice a friend used his DV camcorder to record the practice session, but the camcorder uses the mini DVD-r disc, it plays on a standard home DVD player, but when I try to get Mint to read it, it shows on the desktop as mounted, but it's contents can't be read, and shows as empty, I then found that the disc is UDF, but using LIVES, I can read the VOB file.

The problem exists, when I try to convert the VOB to MPEG, mencoder doesn't like it, and spews out a lot of errors, kino, only converts/imports to DV format, DvD::Rip throws the A/V out of sync, LIVES doesn't have the standard MPEG conversion defaults, and throws an 'Insufficient memory' error when trying to convert to AVI, (even though the computer has 2GB RAM and an AMD Athlon X64 x2).

I've exhausted all means of finding a good VOB to MPEG converter that doesn't use a CLI, or a huge amount of option switches.

Is there a good VOB to MPEG converter that I can just load the VOB, choose an output format and convert (preferably using a GUI, not CLI)? I should be able to upload the resulting output MPEG to YouTube, and be playable when anyone clicks on the video link.

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Re: What is the best VOB to MPEG converter?

Post by pdc_2 »

I can't give an explicit answer; but I did look around; (I mainly stick to videoing on mini-DV tapes and using MainActor to convert to mpeg)

this post about the same question

https://www.linuxquestions.org/question ... on-356717/

commented that
VOB is mpeg2. I am guessing that you want to convert to mpeg4. You can do this with a number of tools. Transcode, ffmpeg, and mencoder are command line utilities that you can use. Acidrip is a GUI front end for mencoder. I think you could also get it done with avidemux. I personally use avidemux for editing vob files, then save the edited files and convert them to mpeg4 at the command line with transcode.
I have used avidemux; and there is an avidemux forum; often good to join such forums and get the specialist knowledge there'

this page talks more about avidemux, and has references to the forum, and guides on how to use it: so sounds like you want to convert mpeg2 to mpeg4

http://iaudiophile.net/forums/archive/i ... 25198.html

there is the comment
The product is powerful, but the interface is not intuitive.
I would echo that: by joining the forum, I got an excellent howto where I wanted to convert a video from one format to another

and for another programme, this post


ffmpeg can convert from vob to mpg.
good luck; let us know how you get along

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Re: What is the best VOB to MPEG converter?

Post by subslug »

Assuming it can read your vob files Handbrake can convert into a lot of formats.

Although it's CLI, vobcopy might also help copy them down to your hard drive for easier editing. It's pretty simple, just use apt to get vobcopy then with the dvd in your drive type 'vobcopy -l' ....... it'll copy all vob files.

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Re: What is the best VOB to MPEG converter?

Post by Kryspy »

Handbrake now has a GUI version for Linux.


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