Custom kernel and Nvidia driver

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Custom kernel and Nvidia driver

Post by odtech » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:29 pm

So i have this odd problem.
I use a custom kernel with an ACS override patch to let me use 2 gpu's in my pc. One for host and one for guest.
When i install the newly compiled kernel i can install the Nvidia driver for the host only once without issue. If i reinstall Mint and the custom kernel or if i just uninstall the nvidia driver it fails to reinstall.

My memory is a bit hazy but if i recall the first time this happened i compiled a new kernel and after installing it i could install nvidia drivers again.

One of the errors i got from the log file.

Code: Select all

#error kmem_cache_create() conftest failed!
I can post the full log if someone has some ideas...?
The host gpu just need to be reinstalled which i can do tomorrow.

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