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Re: FYI - "ksnip" really nice screen capture app with Imgur upload and built-in painter functions

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 11:41 am
by muffybean
FYI: You do not need to create a menu item or desktop launcher for invoking (triggering) ksnip as a screenshot tool, just create a new keyboard shortcut (or change an existing one) to the ksnip application or ksnip AppImage file. But, it does help to create a menu item if you want to right-click an existing image from a file manager and open it with ksnip which you can add the " -e" to the end of the command for open image for editing.
I had a look at the tutorial on Ksnip which I have just installed after having to re-install Linux. I am using MATE and would like to create a keyboard shortcut to ksnip using the pause button but there does seem to be a way of doing this. I select keyboard shortcuts and click add and a custom Shortcut is created but shown as disabled. It is from here I cannot find a way of creating the keyboard shortcut of "PAUSE-BREAK" for it. Can you help me?


also, I have registered in Imgur but do not understand what it means in these settings regarding
Client secret and pin.