Hint for wine-stable 2.0.4 etc problems

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Hint for wine-stable 2.0.4 etc problems

Post by Flemur » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:20 pm

I removed wine-devel (v 3.0) and installed wine-stable 2.0.4 and a bunch of stuff stopped working.

Fix: add "/opt/wine-stable/bin" to your $PATH.
The installation didn't make links to the executables there, especially "winecfg" and "winepath" (and "wine"!)

Code: Select all

# ls -F /opt/wine-stable/bin/
function_grep.pl*  wine*              winecfg*      wineg++@     wmc*
msiexec*           wine-preloader*    wineconsole*  winegcc*     wrc*
notepad*           wine64*            winecpp@      winemaker*
regedit*           wine64-preloader*  winedbg*      winemine*
regsvr32*          wineboot*          winedump*     winepath*
widl*              winebuild*         winefile*     wineserver*
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