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Anyone have a memory leak type problem with Emby?

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:36 pm
by gene0915
The past several versions of Emby keep giving me the same problem. After I add a library and let my server sit for an hour or so, the Emby service is using crazy amounts of RAM. It just keeps climbing and climbing until I stop it by deleting the library and restarting the service. Once, I let it go and it started at 70MB then I added my movie library (1,500 movies), and it quickly started climbing at a rate of maybe 100MB/minute. After several hours, Emby was using 14+GB! of RAM.

Anyone else using Emby and having this problem?

I'm using Mint 18.3 Cinnamon and have 16GB of RAM.

I've made a few posts about this on the Emby forums and their developers are looking into it..... just thought I'd post on here to see if I'm alone with this problem.