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GnuCash [solved]

Post by Executioner » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:14 am

Hi everyone,
I installed GnuCash and created a test file "chkbookTEST.gnucash" to play around with the software. I deleted the file in my home folder, but when I start GnuCash, it displays a warning: The file file:///home/xxxxxxx/Documents/chkbookTEST.gnucash could not be found.

So how do I remove this entry so it starts up like a fresh install? I also deleted the files by showing hidden files in the Home folder: .gnucash

OK - after more searching, i found the answer. I had to install the app dconf-editor. I located the entry in the tree. In order to remove the entry, you double-click on the entry either backspace or highlight and then delete. You can also change the number of saved files to list from the default of 4.
Q: I have deleted a gnucash file from my computer. How can I remove that file from the File menu's short list (MRU) as well ?

A: The list of files you see in the File menu is the list of "most recently used" files (MRU). Strictly speaking the items in this list are still "recently used" even if you deleted the file from your computer in the meantime (you won't be able to open it anymore from the File menu). So it's really only a cosmetic issue. But if it bothers you enough and you really want the obsolete entries removed, please read on.

Depending on your version of GnuCash, the MRU list is stored in different locations.

GnuCash 2.6 and newer
The MRU list files is stored in the default preferences system depending on your operating system.

Linux and similar
The MRU list is now stored in dconf, the replacement for gconf on modern linux systems. You can use a tool called dconf-editor to manipulate the dconf database. You may need to install it using your distribution's software management system first. Then open the DConf Editor gui tool, and use it to modify the /org/gnucash/history tree.

The default number of recently used files shown is set to 4. This can be set to other values by changing the value of maxfiles in the same window. ... s_well_.3F

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